Post Game Notes: 2017/02/15

- The group encounters the Dragon. Favric calls out Venomfang and presents to him an illusory treasure pile. Venomfang wasn’t tricked, because this treasure far exceeded anything they’d provided previously, and he’d seen the PCs coming up the hill behind them. He’d also seen Slink sneaking up to the tower.
- During the battle, Drizzryn unloaded his entire magic missile barrage on the dragon, Slink managed two sneak attacks, one at range, and one with his daggers, and Nicobolas landed a critical greatsword hit.
- Venomfang gathered his breath and ripped through four cultists in one breath attack, also severely wounding Nicobolas and knocking Aylin unconscious.
- After a few more attacks, Venomfang began to flee, as did the sole remaining cultist. Drizzryn revived Aylin and they gave chase, with Aylin striking the final blow with a Call Lightning spell.
- With Venomfang dead, the party investigated his lair and found a great deal of gold, a Gem of Brightness, and a Ring of Feather Falling.
- Reidoth was grateful and impressed. He gave them a note with an insignia on it, and the party found a potion on the body of Favric.

- The party gave Reidoth’s note to a city guard who said h’ed pass it along. Eventually they were delivered a note from Dagult, Lord Protector of Neverwinter somewhat sarcastically thanking them for killing the dragon, but paying them nonetheless.
- Drizzryn went looking for members of the Harpers or any of his captors. He cam across the old woman who had peered into his mind. Following her, he made his way to her home. After unsucessfully picking the lock, he knocked and the older woman allowed him in.
- Drizzryn expressed doubt, resentment, and mistrust towards the woman about how he had been deceived and how The Harpers had treated him. The woman explained that these were the actions of desparate, grieving people who were justified in their actions if he was who he said he was. The situation was left on uncertain terms, as Drizzryn still doesn’t trust the Harpers or know how to process the confusion of his own identity.
- Aylin headed to a local alchemist’s shop and found a particularly grumpy old man and asked him about Wild Spore. He begrudgingly said only deep dwellers and hag types dealt with such things, before he and Aylin parted on less than amicable terms.
- The party agreed to set out to their plot of land to speak with Harbin and make more payments for their Trading Post before setting out along the Triboar Trail to Triboar and eventually North to Mirabar to investigate slave kidnappings.

Post Game Notes: 2017/02/08

In Neverwinter
- Drizzryn is let go from his captors. He hangs back in the area to try to see if any of them leave, but no one leaves the building.
- Investigating the area, Drizzryn finds that this building is part of a small block of buildings. He finds a safe place to stay for the night.
- Aylin leaves Koen at the dock and Looks for a healer or alchemist. She comes to a chapel and asks a woman about her father. She recalls him asking about something called Wild Spore, but cautioned Aylin to be careful. Her research had uncovered dark origins.
- Nicobolas and Slink easily win their fist-fight in the fighting ring at the Sunken Flagon.
- In the night, Gundren and Nundro send a contract for hunting down the slaves. 5000gp upon completion.
- The party shops for potions at an alchemist’s shop before heading to Thundertree.

Ruins of Thundertree
- The group heads out for Thundertree to meet Reidoth, investigate the Dragon in the area, and find the Pendant that Mirna Dendrar told them about when they rescued her.
- The group cleaved easily through a pack of twig blights, with Nicobolas clearing out six of them in a single round.
- Nicobolas’ confidence unfortunately led him directly into a room surrounded by zombies. After being coated with ash four times, he was able to escape unscathed as his allies helped him kill the zombies.
- The group finds Reidoth’s cabin and he invites them in. He directs them towards the herbalist shop where the pendant was hidden.
- Reidoth offers the group 2000gp to deal with the dragon, but also warns that it is very dangerous.
- The group kills some spiders, which they’ve come to have a real hatred for, before finding the herbalist shop and the pendant within.

- The group finds the building where the cultists have been hanging out. Nicobolas manages to convince them with the help of Drizzryn that they are here on behalf of the Elder Dragon Council to deal with the Dragon at Thundertree because he has gone rogue.
- The leader of the cultists is relatively convinced, and thinks helping with the Green Dragon here will ingratiate him with the non-existent Elder Dragon Council.
- Drizzryn pulls the leader, Favric, aside and casts suggestion on him, suggesting that he and his group lure out the Dragon with the promise of treasure, and then turn on him and attack him.
- The party gets into formation with the cultists ahead of them as meat shields and prepares to lure out the Dragon.

Post Game Notes: 2017/02/04

Wave Echo Cave
- The group attacked The Black Spider, but he was an illusion. The real one was tucked into the room with Nundro.
- The Black Spider charmed Nicobolas and convinced him to attack Aylin. Between that and Spider attacks Aylin was knocked unconscious briefly. Slink was also knocked unconscious during the fight.
- Drizzryn unloaded his entire wand of magic missiles into The Black Spider and killed him instantly.
- After several close calls, the giant spiders were also defeated and the party had succeeded in clearing out Wave Echo Cave.
- Nundro was rescued and was unbelievably grateful to the players. He was given a big hug from Nicobolas and Aylin nuzzled up to him in bear form. He grieved the loss of his brother Tharden, but also knew the group had to carry on.
- After carrying on, the group came to a pool of water. After casting light into the pool Ayln turned into a crocodile and recovered 2 Sending Stones from the bottom.
- Nicobolas collected Tharden’s body on the way and carried it to Phandalin.

- Upin arrival, everyone was happy and partied all night. Nundro helped Nicobolas open his letter, which he discussed with Sildar.
- The party received 1000g from Nundro, as well as receiving 800g/month for life from the Rockseeker brothers. Slink pledged to give 50g/month to the church/orphanage in town.
- Gundern also gave the party the deed to a patch of land between Phandalin and Neverwinter. The party met their concierge the next day at Tresander Manor. It was Harbin Wester, the old Townmaster. He apologized and offered to help the party with their land.
- Harbin showed the party Tresander manor and their eventual suite there. Aylin requested a bathtub be placed there when it’s complete.
- Reidoth had left, but he had left word behind offering the party a reward for helping him with a young dragon at Thundertree.
- The party set out to the patch of land and Neverwinter with Sildar, Harbin, Harbin’s employees, and an imprisoned Ashstaff.

Patch of Land
- The party found the patch of land and discussed ideas with Harbin about what to place there. The initial plan is to set up a trading post that will hopefully eventually become a trade hub between Neverwinter, Phandalin, and lands across the sea. The initial cost to set this up will be 5000g.
- The party gave 1400g to start (1000g of which out of Nicobolas’ pocket). In order to finish the project they’ll need to supply another 3600g. The project will take 2 months if funding continues.

- Slink and Nicobolas headed to the Sunken Flagon and got rooms for the party. They also got invited to the bareknuckle boxing ring where they are set to fight at 2:1 odds in the first fight.
- Aylin found Koen at the docks and heard about her father Jerah. Jerah had been looking for medicine, and eventually had found a way to get it on his own.
- The party did some shopping and bought some armor, a healing kit, a crossbow and bolts, and a grappling hook.
- Drizzryn found his way to the Blacklake District where he gave the card to an urchin, who led him into a room and captured him. After hours of questioning and torture, it was revealed that he is not actually Drizzryn. A sage came in and questioned Drizzryn about his past and informed him that he is not who he thinks he is. Drizzryn has come to realize this himself, but he doesn’t know who he is.

Next Adventure
- Nundro sent word via raven that he heard word of slaves being taken while he was in custody of the Black Spider. After discussing with some people in Phandalin he realizes that people are being taken from the roads. No bodies are being found and he suspects they’re being taken as slaves. He’ll send more details when the party is ready.

Post Game Notes: 2017/01/24

Still in Wave Echo Cave
- Searching the great cavern where the battle took place hundreds of years ago, the group found a Wand of Magic Missiles, which Drizzryn took.

- In the smelter cavern the party encountered a Flameskull and 2 zombies. The party was able to dispatch the foes, but Slink went down and failed one death saving throw before being healed.

- Following the dim blue light cast by Nicobolas’ ring, the party headed East and found double-doors leading into the Forge of Spells.

- The Spectator was wary of the intruders and it seemed like a fight was about to break out, but Drizzryn casted suggestion and informed the Spectator that he was being relived of his duty to guard the Forge of Spells.

- The group found Dragonguard (Nicobolas), and Bite and Blaze (Slink) in the Forge of Spells. They discussed the idea of re-hiring the Spectator to continue guarding the Forge of Spells under new management, but he needs time to break himself of his current contract.

- Investigating the fire in the forge of spells, the party found that it was cool to the touch and reacted to Nicobolas’ ring. They know that historically items were bathed in the flame to imbue them with magical power.

- The party fought several Bugbears and a Doppelganger in a pit near the wave pool. Aylin conjured two Giant Bears and turned into a bear herself for the fight. The Doppelganger turned out to be really clumsy and took a great deal of self-inflicted damage. Before scrambling to the other side of the pit and being taken out by Nicobolas.

- Drizzryn cast invisibility on himself and tried to sneak into the large well kept room at the end of a hallway. Unfortunately, he was still detected by The Black Spider. Drizzryn and Aylin spotted three Giant Spiders hiding in the rafters waiting to strike.

- The Black Spider offered the party money or co-operation as alternatives to battle. The party declined his deals, as they already have a deal with Gundren.

- Nicobolas strode forward and began to attack The Black Spider, unfortunately there was a 4th Giant Spider hiding in the rafters that has the jump on the party.

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Post Game Notes: 2017/01/18

- Gundren comes back to Phandalin with the group and gives them each 100g for saving him. Pays for their room. Slink pays 5g for drinks for the night.
- Gundren offers the group 10% of all the earnings from the Phandelver Mine for life if they delve into Wave Echo Cave, deal with The Black Spider, and secure the Forge of Spells.
- Gundren also asks the group to look for his two brothers while Exploring Wave Echo Cave, Tharden and Nundro. Tharden wears a Blue Cape. Nundro is taller, wears chain mail, and has brown eyes.
- Reidoth meets with Aylin and introduces himself to her and the party. He sends word from her mother that she wishes her well, also that her father’s name was Jerah, but she urges Aylin not to look for him. It will only bring pain. Aylin responds with anger and insistence about the information. She is insistent on finding her father. It seems she specifically wants to know why he abandoned her, and perhaps to answer for that.
- Aylin offers to buy Reidoth a beer and he joins Gundren and the party at the bar.
- Drizzryn visits Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck and expresses his desire to join The Harpers. Sister Garaele assures him she’ll send word to the organization’s representatives in Neverwinter.

The Inn
- At the Inn, Nicobolas realizes he hates beer even more than ever. Slink offers to buy the evening’s drinks for the party, settling with Toblen on 5g for the night. At which point Nicobolas gets a Strwberry Daiquiri and actually quite likes it.
- Aylin and Reidoth find common understanding. Gundren is put off at first at the party’s haggling over his already insanely generous offer. He convinces them to just get the job done as the start of a long and lucrative relationship. When Drizzryn leaves the table to talk to Sildar in the corner, Reidoth warns the group that Drizzryn is a name he’s heard, and it was always shrouded in danger and death, and encourages the group to be careful about the Drow.
- Meanwhile, Drizzryn convinces Sildar to take him to Ashstaff to interrogate him. Drizzryn tries to cast suggestion on him and fails, and Sildar punches Ashstaff. Ashstaff shares that The Black Spider is a dangerous Drow looking for the Forge of Spells, and the party better pray he hasn’t found it yet.
- Party members turn in at different times. Slink straps one on and stays drinking as late as possible.

Wave Echo Cave
- The party find the entrance, and find Tharden’s corpse. They loot some Boots of Striding and Springing from him and give them to Slink.
- They head northwest through the excavation tunnels and are attacked by an Ochre Jelly and defeat it.
- Ahead to the North in the main cavern they see five ghouls, successfully dispatching them. Slink was briefly paralyzed but was able to shake it off. The fight began with Aylin dropping from the ceiling as a Giant Spider and crushing/biting a ghoul. She poisoned three ghouls to death throughout the fight.
- After the fight, the party sees the size of the cavern and notices it was the site of a large-scale battle several hundred years ago, with corpses still littering the ground.


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