Post Game Notes: 2017/02/15

- The group encounters the Dragon. Favric calls out Venomfang and presents to him an illusory treasure pile. Venomfang wasn’t tricked, because this treasure far exceeded anything they’d provided previously, and he’d seen the PCs coming up the hill behind them. He’d also seen Slink sneaking up to the tower.
- During the battle, Drizzryn unloaded his entire magic missile barrage on the dragon, Slink managed two sneak attacks, one at range, and one with his daggers, and Nicobolas landed a critical greatsword hit.
- Venomfang gathered his breath and ripped through four cultists in one breath attack, also severely wounding Nicobolas and knocking Aylin unconscious.
- After a few more attacks, Venomfang began to flee, as did the sole remaining cultist. Drizzryn revived Aylin and they gave chase, with Aylin striking the final blow with a Call Lightning spell.
- With Venomfang dead, the party investigated his lair and found a great deal of gold, a Gem of Brightness, and a Ring of Feather Falling.
- Reidoth was grateful and impressed. He gave them a note with an insignia on it, and the party found a potion on the body of Favric.

- The party gave Reidoth’s note to a city guard who said h’ed pass it along. Eventually they were delivered a note from Dagult, Lord Protector of Neverwinter somewhat sarcastically thanking them for killing the dragon, but paying them nonetheless.
- Drizzryn went looking for members of the Harpers or any of his captors. He cam across the old woman who had peered into his mind. Following her, he made his way to her home. After unsucessfully picking the lock, he knocked and the older woman allowed him in.
- Drizzryn expressed doubt, resentment, and mistrust towards the woman about how he had been deceived and how The Harpers had treated him. The woman explained that these were the actions of desparate, grieving people who were justified in their actions if he was who he said he was. The situation was left on uncertain terms, as Drizzryn still doesn’t trust the Harpers or know how to process the confusion of his own identity.
- Aylin headed to a local alchemist’s shop and found a particularly grumpy old man and asked him about Wild Spore. He begrudgingly said only deep dwellers and hag types dealt with such things, before he and Aylin parted on less than amicable terms.
- The party agreed to set out to their plot of land to speak with Harbin and make more payments for their Trading Post before setting out along the Triboar Trail to Triboar and eventually North to Mirabar to investigate slave kidnappings.


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