Post Game Notes: 2017/02/08

In Neverwinter
- Drizzryn is let go from his captors. He hangs back in the area to try to see if any of them leave, but no one leaves the building.
- Investigating the area, Drizzryn finds that this building is part of a small block of buildings. He finds a safe place to stay for the night.
- Aylin leaves Koen at the dock and Looks for a healer or alchemist. She comes to a chapel and asks a woman about her father. She recalls him asking about something called Wild Spore, but cautioned Aylin to be careful. Her research had uncovered dark origins.
- Nicobolas and Slink easily win their fist-fight in the fighting ring at the Sunken Flagon.
- In the night, Gundren and Nundro send a contract for hunting down the slaves. 5000gp upon completion.
- The party shops for potions at an alchemist’s shop before heading to Thundertree.

Ruins of Thundertree
- The group heads out for Thundertree to meet Reidoth, investigate the Dragon in the area, and find the Pendant that Mirna Dendrar told them about when they rescued her.
- The group cleaved easily through a pack of twig blights, with Nicobolas clearing out six of them in a single round.
- Nicobolas’ confidence unfortunately led him directly into a room surrounded by zombies. After being coated with ash four times, he was able to escape unscathed as his allies helped him kill the zombies.
- The group finds Reidoth’s cabin and he invites them in. He directs them towards the herbalist shop where the pendant was hidden.
- Reidoth offers the group 2000gp to deal with the dragon, but also warns that it is very dangerous.
- The group kills some spiders, which they’ve come to have a real hatred for, before finding the herbalist shop and the pendant within.

- The group finds the building where the cultists have been hanging out. Nicobolas manages to convince them with the help of Drizzryn that they are here on behalf of the Elder Dragon Council to deal with the Dragon at Thundertree because he has gone rogue.
- The leader of the cultists is relatively convinced, and thinks helping with the Green Dragon here will ingratiate him with the non-existent Elder Dragon Council.
- Drizzryn pulls the leader, Favric, aside and casts suggestion on him, suggesting that he and his group lure out the Dragon with the promise of treasure, and then turn on him and attack him.
- The party gets into formation with the cultists ahead of them as meat shields and prepares to lure out the Dragon.


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