Post Game Notes: 2017/02/04

Wave Echo Cave
- The group attacked The Black Spider, but he was an illusion. The real one was tucked into the room with Nundro.
- The Black Spider charmed Nicobolas and convinced him to attack Aylin. Between that and Spider attacks Aylin was knocked unconscious briefly. Slink was also knocked unconscious during the fight.
- Drizzryn unloaded his entire wand of magic missiles into The Black Spider and killed him instantly.
- After several close calls, the giant spiders were also defeated and the party had succeeded in clearing out Wave Echo Cave.
- Nundro was rescued and was unbelievably grateful to the players. He was given a big hug from Nicobolas and Aylin nuzzled up to him in bear form. He grieved the loss of his brother Tharden, but also knew the group had to carry on.
- After carrying on, the group came to a pool of water. After casting light into the pool Ayln turned into a crocodile and recovered 2 Sending Stones from the bottom.
- Nicobolas collected Tharden’s body on the way and carried it to Phandalin.

- Upin arrival, everyone was happy and partied all night. Nundro helped Nicobolas open his letter, which he discussed with Sildar.
- The party received 1000g from Nundro, as well as receiving 800g/month for life from the Rockseeker brothers. Slink pledged to give 50g/month to the church/orphanage in town.
- Gundern also gave the party the deed to a patch of land between Phandalin and Neverwinter. The party met their concierge the next day at Tresander Manor. It was Harbin Wester, the old Townmaster. He apologized and offered to help the party with their land.
- Harbin showed the party Tresander manor and their eventual suite there. Aylin requested a bathtub be placed there when it’s complete.
- Reidoth had left, but he had left word behind offering the party a reward for helping him with a young dragon at Thundertree.
- The party set out to the patch of land and Neverwinter with Sildar, Harbin, Harbin’s employees, and an imprisoned Ashstaff.

Patch of Land
- The party found the patch of land and discussed ideas with Harbin about what to place there. The initial plan is to set up a trading post that will hopefully eventually become a trade hub between Neverwinter, Phandalin, and lands across the sea. The initial cost to set this up will be 5000g.
- The party gave 1400g to start (1000g of which out of Nicobolas’ pocket). In order to finish the project they’ll need to supply another 3600g. The project will take 2 months if funding continues.

- Slink and Nicobolas headed to the Sunken Flagon and got rooms for the party. They also got invited to the bareknuckle boxing ring where they are set to fight at 2:1 odds in the first fight.
- Aylin found Koen at the docks and heard about her father Jerah. Jerah had been looking for medicine, and eventually had found a way to get it on his own.
- The party did some shopping and bought some armor, a healing kit, a crossbow and bolts, and a grappling hook.
- Drizzryn found his way to the Blacklake District where he gave the card to an urchin, who led him into a room and captured him. After hours of questioning and torture, it was revealed that he is not actually Drizzryn. A sage came in and questioned Drizzryn about his past and informed him that he is not who he thinks he is. Drizzryn has come to realize this himself, but he doesn’t know who he is.

Next Adventure
- Nundro sent word via raven that he heard word of slaves being taken while he was in custody of the Black Spider. After discussing with some people in Phandalin he realizes that people are being taken from the roads. No bodies are being found and he suspects they’re being taken as slaves. He’ll send more details when the party is ready.


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