Post Game Notes: 2017/01/24

Still in Wave Echo Cave
- Searching the great cavern where the battle took place hundreds of years ago, the group found a Wand of Magic Missiles, which Drizzryn took.

- In the smelter cavern the party encountered a Flameskull and 2 zombies. The party was able to dispatch the foes, but Slink went down and failed one death saving throw before being healed.

- Following the dim blue light cast by Nicobolas’ ring, the party headed East and found double-doors leading into the Forge of Spells.

- The Spectator was wary of the intruders and it seemed like a fight was about to break out, but Drizzryn casted suggestion and informed the Spectator that he was being relived of his duty to guard the Forge of Spells.

- The group found Dragonguard (Nicobolas), and Bite and Blaze (Slink) in the Forge of Spells. They discussed the idea of re-hiring the Spectator to continue guarding the Forge of Spells under new management, but he needs time to break himself of his current contract.

- Investigating the fire in the forge of spells, the party found that it was cool to the touch and reacted to Nicobolas’ ring. They know that historically items were bathed in the flame to imbue them with magical power.

- The party fought several Bugbears and a Doppelganger in a pit near the wave pool. Aylin conjured two Giant Bears and turned into a bear herself for the fight. The Doppelganger turned out to be really clumsy and took a great deal of self-inflicted damage. Before scrambling to the other side of the pit and being taken out by Nicobolas.

- Drizzryn cast invisibility on himself and tried to sneak into the large well kept room at the end of a hallway. Unfortunately, he was still detected by The Black Spider. Drizzryn and Aylin spotted three Giant Spiders hiding in the rafters waiting to strike.

- The Black Spider offered the party money or co-operation as alternatives to battle. The party declined his deals, as they already have a deal with Gundren.

- Nicobolas strode forward and began to attack The Black Spider, unfortunately there was a 4th Giant Spider hiding in the rafters that has the jump on the party.


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