Post Game Notes: 2017/01/18

- Gundren comes back to Phandalin with the group and gives them each 100g for saving him. Pays for their room. Slink pays 5g for drinks for the night.
- Gundren offers the group 10% of all the earnings from the Phandelver Mine for life if they delve into Wave Echo Cave, deal with The Black Spider, and secure the Forge of Spells.
- Gundren also asks the group to look for his two brothers while Exploring Wave Echo Cave, Tharden and Nundro. Tharden wears a Blue Cape. Nundro is taller, wears chain mail, and has brown eyes.
- Reidoth meets with Aylin and introduces himself to her and the party. He sends word from her mother that she wishes her well, also that her father’s name was Jerah, but she urges Aylin not to look for him. It will only bring pain. Aylin responds with anger and insistence about the information. She is insistent on finding her father. It seems she specifically wants to know why he abandoned her, and perhaps to answer for that.
- Aylin offers to buy Reidoth a beer and he joins Gundren and the party at the bar.
- Drizzryn visits Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck and expresses his desire to join The Harpers. Sister Garaele assures him she’ll send word to the organization’s representatives in Neverwinter.

The Inn
- At the Inn, Nicobolas realizes he hates beer even more than ever. Slink offers to buy the evening’s drinks for the party, settling with Toblen on 5g for the night. At which point Nicobolas gets a Strwberry Daiquiri and actually quite likes it.
- Aylin and Reidoth find common understanding. Gundren is put off at first at the party’s haggling over his already insanely generous offer. He convinces them to just get the job done as the start of a long and lucrative relationship. When Drizzryn leaves the table to talk to Sildar in the corner, Reidoth warns the group that Drizzryn is a name he’s heard, and it was always shrouded in danger and death, and encourages the group to be careful about the Drow.
- Meanwhile, Drizzryn convinces Sildar to take him to Ashstaff to interrogate him. Drizzryn tries to cast suggestion on him and fails, and Sildar punches Ashstaff. Ashstaff shares that The Black Spider is a dangerous Drow looking for the Forge of Spells, and the party better pray he hasn’t found it yet.
- Party members turn in at different times. Slink straps one on and stays drinking as late as possible.

Wave Echo Cave
- The party find the entrance, and find Tharden’s corpse. They loot some Boots of Striding and Springing from him and give them to Slink.
- They head northwest through the excavation tunnels and are attacked by an Ochre Jelly and defeat it.
- Ahead to the North in the main cavern they see five ghouls, successfully dispatching them. Slink was briefly paralyzed but was able to shake it off. The fight began with Aylin dropping from the ceiling as a Giant Spider and crushing/biting a ghoul. She poisoned three ghouls to death throughout the fight.
- After the fight, the party sees the size of the cavern and notices it was the site of a large-scale battle several hundred years ago, with corpses still littering the ground.


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